Optimizing your trade show program

Companies spend significant resources attending trade shows, but are they getting enough value out of those trade shows to recoup the cost? With Cvent technology, you can accelerate the growth of every stage of your trade show program, from scheduling pre-show appointments to capturing leads and getting them to sales and marketing in real-time.


Why use the same tools at every show you attend?

  • Configure the solutions once to standardize your lead collection and reduce pre-event administrative work
  • Eliminate post-event spreadsheet management and get leads immediately in the hands of your sales teams by integrating with your marketing automation tools
  • 训练你的本地团队本月在一个工具ead of learning a new tool at every event they attend
  • 最重要的是,通过以一致的格式捕获数据,您可以更容易且准确地比较主要质量和事件成功

Stack the odds in your favor by pre-scheduling appointments withUniversal Appointments

  • Schedule meetings with customers and prospects before you arrive
  • Increase appointments by allowing attendees to sign themselves up for meetings with your staff using a shareable self-scheduling link
  • Capture relevant meeting information using Appointments custom questions beforehand so you are prepared for every meeting

加快销售管道的增长Universal LeadCapture

  • Scan badges, business cards, or manually enter leads
  • Qualify leads using custom questions and question logic
  • Share digital documents and marketing materials with attendees in a few quick clicks
Attendee Type


  • Close more deals by getting them to sales and marketing quickly using融合
  • Get the reporting and data you need to measure success and improve outcomes usingReporting & Analytics


The high-impact trade show planner

How do the highest performing trade show planners capture more leads and deliver a higher ROI?Here are 4 ways to upgrade your work and maximize your impact.

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Maximizing your trade show strategy

我们都知道生活的令人难以置信的影响,而是令人难以置信的,但展示价值可能非常具有挑战性。Companies spend about 25% of their marketing program budget on live events; the need to maximize trade shows is increasingly important.